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About Test

What is Corpzpro? Corpzpro assists students and aspiring professionals in building employability and domain skills through trainings and projects. We also offer live opportunities with Corporates.
How does it work ? The User has to sign up, fill profile, select two preferred domain skills and give test of employability skills. On basis of the Test, the user gets a proficiency score.
Users can take Demo test to practice before the actual test. Demo Test link is available on Home page and Test tab.
Will I be able to apply for opportunities by just giving a test ? No. You would need to get atleast a Proficiency score of 50 to apply for any opportunity on the platform.
What are the benefits of giving an assessment Test? Corpzpro Online assessment Test assists user in assessing the employability skills. These skills have been chosen on basis of survey done with various employers on their expectations with candidates.
The Test assists users to assess which skills they need to improve upon and the User can then choose training options on recommended skills on the platform.
Test Score also assist users to apply for working opportunities available on the platform.
Is there any timeframe for the test? The Test is for 45 min and comprises of 60 questions across 15 employability skills.
Is the Test paid? The Demo test is free for practice while the assessment test is chargeable at a nominal fees of Rs. 99/Test.
Where can I give the test? You can give the test from your laptop or mobile.
What If I fail to get a score of 50 in test? You can give a re-test to try and achieve the score of 50 or above.
Will it be helpful to improve my score even if I get a score of 50 in first test. Improving a score can be beneficial for following reasons
  • When a User gets a score of 60: A Users get a Rank at a score of 60. The Rank is displayed to corporates on the Corporate Dashboard.
  • Starting March 2018, the Internship based project of the month contest held by Corpzpro also requires users to have a minimum score of 60.
  • A Score of 60 is also one of the criteria for eligibility for Empanelment with Corpzpro for working on live working opportunities with us. For more details, check FAQ on empanelment criteria.

About Training

What is the benefit of Online Corpzpro Trainings? Online Training assists user to improve their employability skills. These trainings are specially designed for making users learn on employability aspect required in corporate world. Another important benefit of the Corpzpro Training is that after doing the training user earns the points which gets updated in the assessment (Proficiency) score.
Will the points earned from Training be used to apply for Working Opportunities ? Yes, the proficiency score and rank gets updated as per the training score and the user can then apply for working opportunities using the updated score.
What will happen to my training score if I give a Re-Test? First of all, the system only recognises best test score. If your re-test score is more than the current score, all the parameters will get updated as per new score. If the Re-test score is less than the current score, the current score including the training points will remain intact.

About Skill Development Program

What is the Skill Development program Skill Development Program is a course designed for students and aspiring professionals who want to improve or enhance their employability and domain skill. It is an unique program which assists the students & aspiring professionals to undertaken internships/projects in their area of interest while also building their employability skills. The participants are also provided mentors to guide in doing the internship/project
What all is covered under the Skill Development Program? The following services are covered under the program
  1. Assessment Test
  2. Recommended Trainings
  3. Mentor based projects
What are the Rewards/Benefits for Students/Aspiring professionals under the program The following are the benefits/rewards under the program
  1. Training Certificate
  2. Project Certificate
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  4. Empanelment with Corpzpro for Live opportunities with Corporates, subject to meeting empanelment criteria
Is Skill Development a Paid Program? Yes. For Individuals, the program is Rs. 1500/- with online trainings and mentor based projects while for a batch of Students /colleges the rate depends on number of participants and mode of training chosen.

Internship Project of the Month Contest

What kind of Project will I get in this contest? It is as per your area of interest/expertise but shall cover what professionals do in Corporates. This will help you in building your corporate expertise. For more details on projects check here
Can I apply for the Internship of the month contest without giving test? No, you need to give the test and also get atleast a score of 60 marks to apply
Do I have to pay anything for the Internship of the Mont Contest ? There is no separate program, you only need to pay for the assessment test at Rs. 99/Test
How does it work? All Participants get to do projects as per the domain skill selected. The Participant gets 4 options (2 per skill) and has to select one internship project.
What benefits are available for doing projects under internship of the month ? The following are the benefits under the program
  1. Project Certificate
  2. Stipend*
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  4. Empanelment with Corpzpro for Live opportunities with Corporates, subject to meeting empanelment criteria
*Stipend varies as per project category mention in the contest guidelines every month.

Jobs and Internship Opportunities

How do I apply for Jobs/Internships available on the Platform? You would need to get atleast a Proficiency score of 50 to apply for any opportunity on the platform. It depends on the Corporates requirement of how much proficiency score they ask for but minimum requirement is a score of 50.
Is there any other requirement to apply? Yes, The Candidate should have filled his/her profile fully, should have as many marks as possible to be shortlisted and in many instances corporates also ask for specific employability skills which the user should possess through either good marks in those skills so as to be marked as “Passed skill” or needs to take training in those skills to get it marked as a “Passed skill”

Empanelment of Students

What is this Corpzpro empanelment program of Corpzpro? It is a program designed for top performers. All such performers shall get to work on live projects as well as opportunity to work directly on part time as well as full time basis with Corporate.
How does one get empaneled with Corpzpro? To get empaneled, a user/participant needs to get 60 points in Test and 80 points in Corpzpro’s Internship Projects.
What are the benefits of empanelment with Corpzpro? The User shall get direct opportunity with working on Live Projects/Internships with Corporates. (S)He will also be listed on Corporate Dashboard as an empaneled student on Corporate dashboard