Free your mind to evolve faster: Reboot, Rewire and Rethink

  1. Self-contemplate

In this world where productivity is key to success, we often get caught up in this rat race, the constant need to producing quality work which will help our careers advance in many ways. But how often do you actually sit and reprimand your futile efforts and contemplate on whether you are actually happy with what you are doing, whether you are truly progressing as a human being or not?

We are all chained by chaos. The thoughts that hold us back, the thoughts that restrict us from doing what we please. Unless we intervene, there will be no survivor. What if our mind could be free, what if we were not held back by our expectations and responsibilities and we had to only do what we felt like, where our decisions would not affect anyone but you and you didn’t have to constantly worry about the future. Seems like a perfect world doesn’t it?

2. YOU, are all it takes

Who wants less out of life?  Obviously, no one. We all want more and more. But what is it that stops us from achieving the “more”. Our thoughts hold us back. We, in ourselves are responsible for restricting our freedom. It’s all about the adaptability of the brain. But the thoughts in our head can be easily manipulated. They can be easily moulded to suit the situation. We are adamant about certain things and open to tweaking in other. But the only one who can do that you, and only you.

3. Cut down the chaos

So, free your mind. Think about what causes the chaos in your life, think about what stops you from doing the best you can possibly do. For some of us, it may be social media; the hours spent scrolling on Instagram, Twitter. Our generation is addicted to the Internet, needless to say. But how about you challenge yourself to restrict the time you spend online. Go a day without these social media apps. See how it feels. Notice what you do during the time you would ideally be browsing on the Internet aimlessly.

In the words of Nolan Ryan, 

“Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt.  Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent.”

To achieve the “more” from life, we must do the needful. The time is ours. Therefore you must free your mind to evolve faster: Reboot, Rewire and Rethink

Author Corpzpro Blogger