Did You Know Your Brain Type Can Determine Your Personality?

Do you like maths and science? Then you might be a left brain dominant. Confused? Don’t be surprised if you come to know that your brain type can determine your personality and the skills you are good at.

It’s true…

If you understand your brain type, it will give you acute clues on how you resolve problems. If you face a difficult time solving crossword puzzle, it doesn’t mean you are not great at studies. But it means your dominant brain type is attuned with some other skill and subject other than maths.

We will get you there to find out your type…

In this blog, I will help you to find out which side of your brain is dominant through a simple table. The brain type table will help you to choose your school and college subjects that suit your personality and cognitive skills.

Correlation of Dominant Brain Type and Personality Development

“Your Dominant Brain Has a Considerable Effect On Your Personality Type, Your Learning Abilities, Your Study Skills, Your Habits and Your Working Pattern.

For example, some students may struggle at algebra and trigonometry assignments but easily get through with sports, dance, drama and literature.

So we assure you that once you understand your brain type, you can simply adjust your study routine accordingly or perchance shape your career and courseware that suit your personality type?

Find Out Which Side of Your Brain is Dominant

The foremost step for an enhanced career is finding out your dominant brain type. If you are a parent, you can observe your child’s reaction and action to find his dominant brain side and then try adjusting his routines or find innovative ways to tackle their studies.

The Left and Right Brain Hemisphere

Our brain is divided into two hemispheres - left and right, through which we process information. Although both sides of the brain can learn, reason and think, but will use different strategies based on our dominant brain side.

We all learn and think in different ways. In a same institution you will find evidence of students with different learning and cognitive styles.

What is learning style? It is the sum of habitual ways that individuals develop in responding to experiences and situations.

Dominant Left Brain (Analytical Thinker)

People with dominant left brain use analytical approach to problem solving. They use set patterns and sequences to understand a skill, beginning with paying more attention to inner details. They like specifics, set time and systematic approaches. They are less intuitive and more practical.

Dominant Right Brain (Holistic or Global Thinker)

Individuals with dominant right side use holistic way to solve a problem. They don’t break down an issue in parts or go by rules to arrive at a solution. Instead they view the situation at a larger scale and grasp the problem directly without analysing in detail. They are more intuitive and less of an organiser.  They are dreamers and do not work on predefined time and rules.

“While Global learners understand the concept before they concentrate on details, Analytical learners concentrate on series of facts before gradually understanding the concept.”

How Do I Know If I am An Analytical Thinker or A Global Thinker?

A global learner understands subjects better when he learns through short stories, humour or anecdotes.  They learn through information that is interesting and related to real lives.

An analytical learner understands subjects better when he learns them through step by step process. They learn through measurable data and facts. Here’s the difference between Analytical thinker and Holistic thinker.

Global Learners vs. Analytical Learners

Then There Comes The Third One – The Middle Brain Oriented

But there are individuals who have neither dominating left brain nor dominating right brain. They fall in the middle and will demonstrate characteristics of both analytical thinkers and holistic thinkers.

They are perfect recipe for great leaders and entrepreneurs as they use the logic from left side and intuition from the right side to solve problems.

However, skill development courses and personality development trainings may help students to balance out both their left and right hemisphere significantly.

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