6 Things I wish someone told me to do in College

College days are one of the most precious times in anyone’s life, without a doubt. But to make those three, four years the best years of your life and to live with no regret before your life takes a sharp turn towards adulthood and responsibility, make those days worthwhile!

I have listed down 6 things which I strongly believe every college student should know 

  1. Learn new skills

You’ll be surprised to know that the one wood crafting elective you attended in second year will actually help you in random ways in your professional life. Sounds absurd? Along the line, you’ll cherish the “unimportant” classes you were probably forced to take for extra credits. They will prove to be more helpful to you than Thermodynamics 101, your core subject!

2. Attend workshops

Attend workshops during the holidays, instead to wasting time at home. Workshops which take place in the college give you a wide exposure and an insight on things that cannot be learnt in your classroom environment. So get out there and actually work towards creating experiences. 

3. Participate in competitions, not only conducted by college

Involvement in any activity is actually something you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Whether it’s a fundraising completion or a design competition for a simple chair conducted by a furniture company, firms are always on the lookout for fresh young talents. So you must look out for them too and participate with all your might.

4. Explore your city

Even if this means missing a few lectures! Attend gigs, concerts, live shows and make experiences happen. Tick off things from your bucket list while you’re in college because “life” will catch up with you by the time you graduate!

5. Communicate

 Make your friendly office peon your best friend. Greet the watchman and people you see on a daily basis. Acknowledge them for what they do and be friendly towards them. After all they will prove to be more helpful than your college professor in times of need!

6. It’s okay to slack

This might seem harsh, but it’s okay to slack your grades. It’s okay to not be a top merit rank holder in your college because those were the days of school. Embrace your independence, but of course do it responsibly! But do care about your academics. Although marks on your transcript are mere numbers, it still holds significance for your future. So don’t ignore your academics but enjoy it instead!

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