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Internship Project of the Month (iPOM)

Opportunities to get certification on all approved projects and upto Rs 1,00,000/- stipend in prizes
Start Date : 15th March, 2018 End Date : 30th April, 2018

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Recommended Working Opportunities

Opportunity Type Company Title Salary / Stipend Location
Internship CORPZPRO Graphic Design 3000 Delhi, Virtual View
Internship CORPZPRO Content Writing 1500 Delhi View
Internship CORPZPRO Marketing 5000 Delhi View
Job Viral Gear India Custom Relationship Manager 10000 Delhi View
Job Colonelz Constructions Pvt Ltd Marketing 10000 Gurgaon View
Internship Risevertise Media LLP Social Media Marketing 6000 Mumbai View
Internship CORPZPRO Business Development (Sales) 5000 Delhi View

Recommended Working Opportunities

Viral Gear India | Job Custom Relationship Manager Delhi | 10000 View
CORPZPRO | Internship Business Development (Sales) Delhi | 5000 View
Risevertise Media LLP | Internship Social Media Marketing Mumbai | 6000 View
CORPZPRO | Internship Marketing Delhi | 5000 View
CORPZPRO | Internship Content Writing Delhi | 1500 View
CORPZPRO | Internship Graphic Design Delhi, Virtual | 3000 View
Colonelz Constructions Pvt Ltd | Job Marketing Gurgaon | 10000 View

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